Professional Counselling Training

Persona has been successfully providing professional development programmes in counselling and psychotherapy for over twenty years and is one of the leading organisations offering BACP accredited programmes in Scotland.  The training programmes are designed to thoroughly prepare students with the professional competence and personal confidence to provide clinical, therapeutic support in a broad range of settings and scheduled to accommodate people who have work commitments during the week.

The core model which informs all our training is Person-Centred. This means the programmes are not simply about learning the Person-Centred approach; they are about learning within a Person-Centred learning environment. The central values of the Person-Centred approach influence the design, structure and the curriculum of the programmes as well as how they are delivered and managed. Course facilitators and trainers are committed to a Person-Centred philosophy and a trust in the individual’s innate ability find their path in life, to direct his/her own development, to grow and develop their full potential.


Specialist Certificate in Counselling Children and Young People

For trained counsellors, this short course provides an excellent bridge into adapting your counselling approach to working therapeutically with children and teenagers.

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Professional Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy

A two-year part time Professional Diploma Programme accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and credit rated by SQA on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework with 120 credits at SCQF Level 11.


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Certificate in Group Facilitation and Training Skills

This 7-day Professional CPD programme is designed for those interested in developing their understanding and skill in facilitating groups and training.


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Diploma in Counselling for Children and Young People

The Diploma programme is in the final stages of BACP Accreditation and we are delighted to announce we are now accepting applications for the 2024-2026 Diploma in Counselling for Children and Young People.

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Certificate in Clinical Supervision

An 11-day programme delivered over six months, consisting of six modules – five 2-day modules, and one 1-day study day, plus four Peer Group Supervision Practice meetings. The course is based on the BACP Curriculum for Counselling Supervision and is designed to prepare participants to apply for accreditation as an individual and group supervisor with BACP.


Testimonials from 2020 and 2022 students

“Training to become a supervisor with Persona was absolutely the right decision for me. The theory was broken down into easy digestible chunks, interwoven with strands of creative experiential learning and peer supervision. The level of knowledge, skills and experience the trainers have was evident in their style and approach. For me, this was a very held, nurtured and safe experience and a first-hand example of the Core Conditions live in Action. Having such a positive experience has been fundamental in helping me discover the type of supervisor I am striving to become” Michelle 2022

“I am delighted to have stumbled across this course which brings a renewed faith in what can happen over a short, condensed period when the emergent conditions are conducive.” Kerry 2022

“This course is fantastic preparation for becoming a person-centred clinical supervisor. It’s a well thought-out, well-structured, robust course. The person-centred focus of the course really suited me personally and professionally. The tutors were supportive, and suitably challenging. I would recommend this Certificate course for anyone wishing to develop their clinical supervision skills.” Anon 2020

“The Persona Supervision course was ideal for me. Clearly set out over several weekends over several months meant I had plenty time to complete any course work whilst also having sufficient time to learn and practice the material. The tutors are knowledgeable,  approachable and really engaged in the course too which gave me a real feeling of equality rather than traditional tutor/ student dynamic.” Laura 2020

“After working as a counsellor for a number of years moving towards becoming a supervisor felt the natural next step.  The course was absolutely the container needed for helping me explore and establish myself as a supervisor. The facilitation style, content, structure, approach and group was a rich and dynamic process. There was a high level of relational depth (even when we moved online) which also unexpectedly and positively impacted on my counselling practice.  Even if if I hadn’t gone on to work as a supervisor I would have come away with a valuable and worthwhile experience.” Emma 2020

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Certificate in Couples Counselling and Relationship Work

This is a seven-day, professional CPD programme is designed for those who are interested in developing their skills and experience to enable them to begin working with couples in relationship therapy. The programme is ideally suited for those who are already experienced counsellors working with individuals and who are interested in taking their practice towards relationship counselling.

 The programme will be based upon the principles and philosophical concepts which underpin person centred theory and will incorporate experiential activities and group discussions as well as providing opportunities to practice in small groups. Trainers will use examples from their experience to facilitate the learning.




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