Encounter Groups

“If we can touch one another as persons in the way it can happen in an encounter, then we emerge from an existence of loneliness and diminution to a possibility of fully aliveness. I can really say ‘yes’ to mankind, because I have discovered in a deeply personal way that each person in the world is an abundant reservoir of life and love”

(Carl Rogers on Encounter Groups 1970)

We would like to invite you to take up this opportunity to meet in encounter and spend a day together in pursuit of ourselves and meaningful contact with others.

At Persona Development and Training, we offer regular encounter groups to our students as part of our Diploma training programme and we know from first-hand experience the enormous potential for these kinds of groups to offer a platform for a real meeting and experiencing of others, but also and perhaps more significantly the possibility to encounter yourself in the process of engaging and striving to meet others.

If you have never had this experience this might be a good opportunity to dip your toes in. If you have experienced this before and already know what it can offer, then this would be a good chance to revisit the encounter experience and continue your exploration.

Rogers. … “what really goes on in an encounter group? This is a question often asked by persons who are contemplating joining one, or who are puzzled by the statements of people who have had the experience”

(Carl Rogers on Encounter Groups 1970)

If you have ever asked this question; join us and you will discover for yourself!

Encounter Group Dates for 2024

The Encounter Groups will be facilitated by members of the Persona staff team.

Dates: Saturday January 20th, Saturday July 20th and Saturday December 14th

Venue: Persona Training Centre, Grove House, 1 Kilmartin Place, Uddingston, G71 5PH

Costs: £50

There is a minimum requirement of 6 people for the group to go ahead.

If you are interested in joining the group please note your interest by emailing 


If you are interested in these courses or have an enquiry, please complete the form on the Contact Us page, email or call 0330 202 0283