MSc Programme in Counselling and Psychotherapy 2016-2019

The core professional development programme provided by Persona is an MSc in Psychological Wellbeing, Counselling and Psychotherapy. The programme comprises nine modules and is delivered over a three year period on a part time basis. Those wanting to gain a Post-Graduate Diploma in Psychological Wellbeing, Counselling and Psychotherapy can exit the programme after completing Modules 1-6 which normally takes two years; those wanting to gain an M.Sc. qualification will go on to complete Modules 7, 8 and 9 which normally takes a further year.

The third year programme; Modules 7, 8 and 9 is also offered as an MSc Conversion programme. This programme is available to students who have completed a Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling from any university and to all graduates of the Persona Diploma. For students to get the maximum value from a third year of specialist professional development, it is important that students have a solid grounding in their theoretical approach and practice and for this reason we recommend that applicants for the third year have completed a minimum of 200 hours of client work. Some students opt not to progress immediately into a third year after completion of the post graduate diploma, but delay the start of this specialist training for a year.

The third year programme stays true to the Person-Centred roots of Persona and builds on the content, the philosophy and the approach to learning which characterises the diploma programme. The modules are designed to support counsellors to strengthen their clinical practice and deepen their knowledge and understanding of contemporary perspectives on the provision of psychological therapies for specific client groups.

The programme currently offers three areas of specialist study:
Option 1 Counselling in a Health-Care setting; working with anxiety and depression
Option 2 Counselling Couples; working with relationships
Option 3 Counselling Children and Young People; working in educational settings

Years 1 & 2 Post Graduate Programme
Module 1 Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Change
Module 2 Personality Theory, Psychological Wellbeing and Psychopathology
Module 3 Reflective Practice, Developments in Counselling and Complex Clinical Issues
Module 4 Research Issues and Research Methods
Module 5 Clinical competence, supervision and in-depth analysis of the counselling process
Module 6 Development of the Reflective Practitioner
Year 3 Full MSc Programme
Module 7 Options 1, 2 & 3: Advanced, Specialist Practitioner (see above)
Module 8 Developing competence as a Specialist Practitioner
Module 9 Reflective Specialist and contributions to the development of specialist practice