Overview of Certificate Programme

This programme seeks to bring out an appreciation of your existing skills and create opportunities for these to be developed. At the same time, to become more effective in supporting others, it is important that you develop your own self awareness. Without this, there is a real danger that responses to others may be inappropriate. These three elements, theory, skill-development and self-awareness are all interwoven into the structure of the course.

Each session will have a particular theme and will normally include the following elements: presentation and discussion of theory, opportunities for self-development and practice development. As well as situations where the whole group meets together, there will be smaller groups for skills practice. We will be working towards the establishment of a "learning community" that accepts the diversity and uniqueness of individuals whilst recognising the value of mutually respectful relationships where each person contributes to the learning of others.

Within this framework the following aspects of Counselling and Counselling Skills are introduced explored and discussed:

Programme Content

Module 1: The Gentle Art of Listening

Session 1 What are Counselling Skills?
Session 2 Attending and Responding
Session 3 Articulating and Understanding feelings

Full day
Session 4 Understanding the Core Therapeutic Conditions:
Empathy, Unconditional Positive Regard, Congruence

Module 2: Transition and Change

Session 1: Making Changes
Session 2: Change and Transition
Session 3: Understanding Bereavement

Full day
Session 4: Theories of Therapeutic Change
Person Centred, Cognitive Behavioural, Psychodynamic.
Module 3 Empowerment

Session 1 Power & Authority
Session 2 Gender & Sexuality
Session 3 Prejudice & Practice

Full day
Session 4 Creating the Core Therapeutic Conditions and Skills Practice

Module 4: Self Awareness and Reflective Practice

Session 1 Groups and Group Dynamics
Session 2 Interpersonal Perceptions
Session 3 Developing Ethical Practice

Full day
Session 4 Personal philosophies, learning and future Development