Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Due to demand for places Persona is now offering a Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Counselling and Psychotherapy starting in October 2016. The course will be based in West Linton near Edinburgh for the residential days and the study days are held in Motherwell. Course dates and course information are available in the 'Courses' section of the website.

Click on "Courses" in the menu bar and then click on the "PG Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy", you can download the application form from there. Completed applications to be emailed to

The selection process for the diploma programme includes an individual interview with one of the course trainers and a group interview of about 3 hours. The next date for interviews is Saturday 1st October in Motherwell. If you wish to attend this interview your application must be received by Wednesday 28th September.

Persona offers the following training programmes:

M.Sc. in Counselling and Psychotherapy: a three year part time programme validated and awarded by the University of Aberdeen.

Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy: a two year part time programme awarded to students who exit the MSc programme at the end of the second year) validated and awarded by the University of Aberdeen and accredited by BACP.

M.Sc. Conversion: a two module part time programme available to individuals who already hold a Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling.

Certificate in Clinical Supervision: this programme is currently in development.

Training in Counselling Skills: this training provides an introduction to counselling skills which can be applied to a range of professional groups who work with people in interactive situations. The programme is tailored to suit the needs of different settings and is delivered directly for organisations. For example: Counselling Skills for staff supporting People with Dementia, Counselling Skills for HR Professionals and Counselling Skills for Support Workers. The course provides a solid grounding in communication skills and the practice of establishing effective helping relationships. It can also be an initial stepping stone onto the Diploma Programme. Please contact the Persona office for further details.

The Teaching/Learning Approach which characterises all Persona Training Programmes is based on the principles of the Person-Centred approach as established by Carl Rogers and developed by others since. We seek to create an environment in which participants are affirmed as learners which means being affirmed not just for what they already know but affirmed also for what they don't know and are open to learn about. In this way, learning tends to be deeper and to proceed more rapidly because it is self-initiated and the "whole person" rather than just the intellect is invested in the process. The willingness to take responsibility for one's own development is a key factor in deciding to undertake our programmes.

The Persona Staff Team are all experienced counsellors and psychotherapists and trainers. As facilitators, the team are committed to facilitating the process of each programme by communicating acceptance, empathic understanding and congruence and through these core attitudes provide the learning environment and structure of the course.